Documentary Shorts


Y-ning?/2011/T&T/Documentary Short/13 minutes

This academic music video explores “wining” as a dance language with a history and identity born out of the Caribbean experience. In particular, it looks at the body in motion as well as elements of Trinidadian society that are represented in the way people dance and the various ethnic influences on the dance itself.

Official selection Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2011, San Francisco Black Film Festival 2011, Caribbean Film Corner, London 2011, Bahamas International Film Festival 2011, Directors Circle Festival Of Shorts 2011, Antigua Film Festival 2011, National Museum and Gallery, Port of Spain, 2012.

dancing deities

Dancing Deities is a documentary short that explores the practices of the Claxton Bay Orisha community in Trinidad. This film is primarily non-narrative in that it uses images to convey the rich musical, rhythmic and mythological aspects of this blend of African and Caribbean culture.

Official selection Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2007, Studio Film Club 2008, San Diego Black Film Festival 2009, African World Diaspora Film Festival 2009.


Tracking/stillness explores culture making through the lens of river running following the experience of one group of people who journey through the grand canyon. It was created for the bbc my world 2 minute documentary competition.