Experiment Films


A Super8 film collaboration between Nicholas Emery and Emilie Upczak, exploring the industrial sector of Denver and the wild spaces of Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

before the rain

Inside a steel plant in Trinidad and Tobago.

Official Selection: Festival International Signes de Nuit, France 2013, trinidad+tobago film festival 2014.


When I first started visiting Trinidad 15 years ago, I was pursuing a project connected to my undergraduate studies in Comparative Religion and Dance. I met Ruth and Jay Telfer almost immediately and rented an apartment from them above their house. I attended numerous Orisha feasts in Claxton Bay and eventually made a short documentary about the tradition. I had a particular interest in the intersection of Hindu and Orisha ritual practices on the island, but I never did fully explore or experience the coming together of the two religions. Recently, when I attended Jay’s funeral, I realized he gave me the very thing I first came to Trinidad looking for. As I watched the Hindu pundit and Orisha priest work together as they prepared Jay’s body to send him off, I felt in some way, my journey here, was also complete.

Macqueripe, 2009, Trinidad and Tobago

Macqueripe is a performative installation inspired by the photograph 'Providence' by Francesca Woodman. The video explores bodies of color, bodies in motion, responding to Woodman's still photography. Macqueripe is intended as a self-reflexive statement, in which woman is both documented and documenter. Additionally, the video was meant as a recreation and exploration of the moment when Woodman made Providence. Much of her work is shrouded in mystery due to her early suicide. She, like myself came from Boulder, Colorado. We both explore(d) the body and self as subject. With this I created Macqueripe.


Lapeyrouse Cemetery

Chucky Cheese

24 horas en habana